Stop Waiting For Engineering To Implement Your Reports!

Top Sheet lets you create your own reports right in Excel. Get all your reports delivered to your inbox every day. No programming required!

How Topsheet works

Topsheet allows business people to automate their own custom reports, right in Excel.

Start by choosing data

Our drag and drop editor lets you choose the data sources you need. Drag the data source you're interested in to the exact place in your spreadsheet where you'd like it to appear.


Build your reports directly in Excel!

Once you've populated a spreadsheet with data, download it and build your custom reports directly in Excel. All the normal Excel functions work normally - pivot tables, filters, formulas.

After you've built the report the way you want, upload it back to Topsheet.


Automate it!

Finally, once you've built the report exactly the way you want it, automate it.

Name the report. Choose recipients. Choose how frequently it should be sent. After that, topsheet will update the data/calculations in the report and send updates.


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3 integrations
10 reports
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Single Sign On security
On-premise installation

Easy integrations with all your data

Plug & play integrations

We directly integrate with most common platforms and databases.

We also provide an API to let you build your own custom integrations.


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